Citizenship of Ukraine – procedure

Citizenship of Ukraine

Making the citizenship of Ukraine is quite time-consuming and troublesome process. For foreigners it may seem intolerable, given the bureaucratic system of our state. To obtain it, you must comply with all requirements stipulated by law.

Priority, note that the current legislation of Ukraine (the Law “On Citizenship”) provides a number of grounds for registration of citizenship of Ukraine:

  • by birth;
  • by territorial origin;
  • while taking the citizenship;
  • when restoration of citizenship;
  • in adoption or guardianship (custody);
  • when both child’s parents have citizenship of Ukraine (or one parent);
  • at recognition of paternity (maternity) or the establishment of paternity (maternity);
  • other grounds provided by international agreements of Ukraine.

It should also be noted, and the conditions that must be met for the adoption of the citizenship of Ukraine:

  • the recognition and observance of the legislation of Ukraine;
  • providing a declaration on the absence of foreign citizenship (for stateless persons) or the obligation on terminate of foreign citizenship (for foreign citizens);
  • continuous residence in Ukraine for the past 5 years (2 years of continuous residence – if husbands is Ukrainian citizen or be married to a citizen of Ukraine, a marriage which had stopped due to his death);
  • getting a permission on immigration;
  • possession of the state language (or its understanding in volume, sufficient for communication);
  • have legal source of income.

The decision of denizing is decided by the Commission under the President of Ukraine on citizenship. Obtaining the citizenship of Ukraine is carried out after the publication of the President relevant Decree. In turn, the procedure for registration of citizenship of Ukraine lasts from 1 to 12 months, depending on the complexity of a given situation.

As for the list of documents required for registration of Ukrainian citizenship, it is treated the following documents:

  • Application for admission to the citizenship of Ukraine (2 copies.);
  • 3 photos (3,5 x 4,5 mm);
  • one of the documents:
    • declaration of the absence of foreign citizenship (for stateless persons);
    • obligation to terminate foreign citizenship (for foreign citizens);
    • application about nationality change.
  • one of the documents:
    • document confirming the legal continuous residence in Ukraine (within the last 5 years – for foreigners)
    • during the last 3 years – for stateless persons
  • one of the documents:
    • copy of a document confirming authorization to immigrate to Ukraine;
    • copy of the passport of the citizen of the former USSR of the 1974 standard with a mark about a residence permit in Ukraine;
    • copy of a permanent residence permit.
  • one of the documents:
    • document on the ownership of the state language (or insight in an amount sufficient for communication);
    • copy of the certificate or an extract from the diploma (for a person with a paper on graduation from the study of Ukrainian language.);
    • document confirming the disability (blindness, deafness, dumbness).
  • Document confirming the availability of lawful sources of income for the past 6 months.

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