Taxpayer code

Registration number of the taxpayer registration card

According to Part 1 of 63 of the Tax Code of Ukraine “Application for registration or registration in the state tax service shall be subject to all taxpayers.””

People, details of which shall be entered the State Register (Ordinance №779 SMSU):

  • citizens of Ukraine;
  • foreigners and persons without citizenship who permanently reside in Ukraine;
  • foreigners and stateless persons who have no permanent place of residence in Ukraine, but under the laws of Ukraine are obliged to pay taxes in Ukraine and founders are legal entities established in the territory of Ukraine.


Foreign citizens and stateless persons Registration number registration card taxpayer is required for employment, notarial transactions, registering his own company – a legal entity.

In registration card and report shall contain the following information:

  • full Name;
  • date of Birth;
  • place of birth (country, region, district, town);
  • place of residence, and for a foreigner – and citizenship;
  • details of the documents that certify the identity (name of the document, series, number, date of issue and the authorized person who issued the document)

To fill the registration card taxpayer uses the data document that certifies personality.

Foreigners and stateless persons in addition provide a notarized translation of the Ukrainian language of the document that certifies the face of an alien or a stateless person (refundable upon presentation of a document), as well as a copy of that translation.
This requirement does not apply to persons who have a permanent residence or a form of temporary residence in Ukraine.

Terms and cost of registration ITN

4 days1000 UAH
*The price does not include the cost of translation and notarization of a document that certifies the identity of foreigners and stateless persons.