Permanent residence permit

Permanent residence permit in Ukraine

You are not a citizen of Ukraine, but want to visit the country to not limited time? Or permanently residing in Ukraine on legal grounds and without annual renewal? Then you need to issue a permanent residence in Ukraine! For registration of permanent residence in Ukraine, you must firstly get permission to immigrate.

According to the current legislation of Ukraine  (law “On Immigration”) “) immigration permit is set in 2 ways:

Resolution on immigration within the quota issued the following categories of citizens:

  • science and culture, immigration that is in the interests of Ukraine;
  • qualified professionals and workers, the need for which is notable for the Ukrainian economy;
  • individuals who have invested in the Ukrainian economy at least $100, 000;
  • persons who are full blood brother (sister), grandfather (grandmother), grandson (granddaughter) of Ukrainian citizens;
  • persons who had previously been a citizen of Ukraine;
  • parents, husband (wife) of immigrant and his under-age children;
  • victims of human trafficking, while living in Ukraine for 3 years (continuously) from the date of establishment of such status to them.

Resolution on the immigration beyond quota is granted to:

  • one of the spouses if the other spouse is more than 2 years is citizen of Ukraine, children and parents of citizens of Ukraine;
  • guardians of Ukrainian citizens, or persons who are under the care of citizens of Ukraine;
  • persons entitled to the registration of citizenship of Ukraine by territorial origin;
  • persons whose immigration is of state interest for Ukraine;
  • foreign Ukrainians, the spouse of foreign Ukrainians, their children – in the event of their total entry and stay in Ukraine.

To obtain immigration permit, together with the application submitted the following documents:

  • 3 photos;
  • copy of the identity document;
  • document about place of residence;
  • information about family members, copy of marriage certificate (if the person applying is married);
  • confirmation that the person is not suffering from alcoholism, substance abuse, drug abuse, or other infection diseases.

Separately, it is worth noting that in the case of foreigner stay (stateless persons) in Ukraine, the type of permanent residence is issued simultaneously with the resolution on immigration.
In that case, if a foreigner (stateless person), living outside the country, to enter it is necessary to obtain a permit to immigration. In the future, diplomatic institution of Ukraine prepares immigrant visa at the appropriate address. The validity of such visa is 1 year (from the date of it receipt).


As for the registration certificate for permanent residence in Ukraine, for its registration with the application submitted the following documents: 

  • Alien’s passport or identification document without citizenship (for presentation), and its copy;
  • Translation of alien’s passport or identity document without citizenship to Ukrainian language, duly certified;
  • Copy of the immigration permit;
  • Receipt of payment of state duty;
  • 4 photos a foreigner (stateless) – 3.5 x 4.5 cm (matte paper);
  • Copy of TIN foreigner (stateless person), issued by the tax authority (if you have such one).

 *Depending on the bases when you make permanent residence, the above list of documents may be supplemented by others documents.

Stages of work:

Stages of work:Services:Terms:Cost:
1.Preparation of documentsfrom 1 working day 500$
2.Obtaining a permit for immigration to Ukraine2-3 months
3.Registration of permanent residence5-10 working days

* The cost includes: legal consultations, translation of documents, notary services, preparation of documents, filling out forms, pay the state fee. 

Given the time-consuming process for registration of permanent residence in Ukraine, a lot easier to ask the Company «Getpass», which will provide the necessary advice on registration of permanent residence to foreigners (stateless persons), as well as help to collect the necessary documents for registration of permanent residence to the State Migration Service of Ukraine.