Temporary residence permit

Temporary residence permit in Ukraine

For foreign citizens (stateless persons) who are planning stay in Ukraine for a long time (training, employment, participation in international projects, etc.) is highly relevant registration of temporary residence permit. After all, at the expiration of the deadline of stay in our country (90 days for 180), these persons are obliged to leave the territory of Ukraine. In the case of residence Permit there are legitimate reasons to stay in Ukraine for a longer period (up to 1 year with possibility of extension).

But, at the same time, the current Ukrainian legislation (Law “On Legal Status of Foreigners”) provides the ultimate number of grounds for the issuance of a temporary residence for foreigners (stateless persons):

  • participation in the projects of international technical assistance;
  • preaching of religious beliefs and others, at the invitation of religious organizations;
  • participation in the activities of branches, representative offices and other public (non-governmental) organizations of foreign countries;
  • employment in the representative offices of foreign business entities in Ukraine;
  • employment in the branches and representative offices of foreign banks;
  • implementation of cultural, scientific and educational activities, as well as participation in international volunteer programs;
  • work as correspondent (representative) of foreign media;
  • education;
  • family reunification with persons who are citizens of Ukraine, or during legal stay in Ukraine entered into a marriage with citizens of Ukraine;
  • family reunion, in which one of its members has a certificate of temporary residence in Ukraine;
  • foreigners and stateless persons, who, after completion of the boundary term of the temporary stay of foreigners (stateless persons) who are illegally in Ukraine to apply for a residence permit.

Submission of documents for obtaining a temporary residence in Ukraine

Stages of work:Services:Terms:Cost:
1.Preparation of documents1-2 working daysfrom 350 $
2.Submit documents to the State Migration Service of Ukraine1 working day
3.Making temporary residence permit in Ukraineup to 10 working days
*The cost includes: legal consultations, translation of documents, notary services, preparation of documents, filling out forms, pay the state fee.

As for the list of documents, together with the application for registration of a certificate of temporary residence in Ukraine submitted such documents as:

  • Passport or foreigner or identification document without citizenship (for presentation), with a visa type D, and a copy of it;
  • Translation foreigner’s passport to Ukrainian language or identity document of a stateless, duly certified;
  • Receipt of payment of state duty;
  • Copy of the medical insurance;
  • 4 photos of foreigner (stateless) – 3.5 x 4.5 cm (matte paper);
  • Copy of TIN, issued by the tax authority of a foreigner (stateless person) – if you have such one;
  • Depending on reason the alien arrival (stateless persons) in Ukraine, provided by item 3.1 of the order of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine of 15.07.2013 N 681 “On approval of the interim order of consideration of applications for registration of the permanent residence and type of temporary residence” submitted the relevant documents.

Note that a temporary residence in Ukraine is valid up to 1 year with possibility of extension each time for 1 year based on the application of an alien (stateless persons) and the above-mentioned documents submitted to the State Migration Service of Ukraine no later than 15 days before the expiration. Please note that after obtaining a temporary residence permit, you must within 30 days to register the place of residence and in case of change – re-register in the manner prescribed by law. We are ready to help you with the registration of residence place, please contact us!

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